Product Care


Your GORDELLE sunglasses will retain their features to guarantee the highest quality and authenticity of every pair of glasses manufactured. By storing them in their original case and avoiding placing face down on any surface, this will protect the lens from damages.

To Clean Frames, wipe away facial oils from the temples, bridge, and nose pad. To Clean Lenses, use lens cleaner or dishwashing soap with warm water.
Avoid citrus-based soaps.

Always use the GORDELLE microfiber cloth specially made for this purpose.
AVOID using body fluids, rubbing alcohol, household cleaners (vinegar, window cleaners), and your clothing to clean your glasses to prevent damages to the lens and temples.


Our garments have been exclusively created with top-quality materials and innovative techniques. To ensure its longevity, we advise to store your pieces in GORDELLE cotton garment cover (never in plastic) and use a soft cloth to remove any stains.

Dry cleaning is recommended on most products. Furs and leathers can be entrusted to a specialist. Please refer to care label in garment for specific cleaning recommendations.